Uber VS Grab – Private Hire Comparison

This post will be discussing the different pros and cons driving for the two major Private Hire company in Singapore, UBER and GRAB. I will make a comparison between both company in terms of registration, apps function, operating procedures, earnings and driver support. I will also make some comparison for passengers on which service to use.


For those who are interested to know the details of how to join Uber, how much can you earn and latest incentive, you can click on the respective links. Uber passengers can click here to learn how to save money.

For those who are interested to know how to join Grab can click here.

Drivers Comparison

Below we will be comparing on the different areas between UBER and GRAB

Registration Comparison

Registration UBER GRAB
Online Application Supports online application. However, processing will take quite some time and it would be faster just to go down to UberHUB to register. Supports online application. Takes 2 days to process after attending Apps Training lesson
On Site Application Supports on site application. However, be prepared to wait for an hour before you get to register as the queue is always very long. Able to attend the training lesson and start driving once applied. Does not support on site application. You will be told to go online and submit all the documents required online and wait for approval before allowed to drive.
Apps Training lesson Almost every hour during their working hour, Monday to Sat Fixed schedule from Monday to Sat.
Incentives Partners who signed up without a referral will get a good cash incentive for themselves. Partners with referral will have another set of incentive to earn. Drivers who signed up alone get only credit incentive and not cash incentive
Comparison Conclusion Uber had a better deal for drivers when you sign up and you can get your application approved within a day, instead of having to go online to submit the form and wait for a few days being approved.

Apps Function Comparison

Apps Function UBER GRAB
iOS version Available On trial
Android version Available Available
Overall feel The overall feel of the Uber Partner App seems more advanced with a map at home page showing the different incentive areas. There is also feed tabs that shows you if there is message for you The overall feel of the Grab Driver App seems less advanced. It provides the basic function without much additional function
Home Page Movement of driver position moves seamlessly within the map. Movement of driver position is not smooth, hopping from one point to the next.
Position Tracking Track your position when app is in use. Track your position throughout even when app is not in use. (iOS version)
Earnings Page Shows a bar chart on your weekly earning. Also include the different promotions/incentive available. You can view your payment statement too History tab showing how much you earn during each trip (android version). No comparison between the days in the week or between weeks. There is no payment statement, just earning history
Weekly earnings Has a bar chart to show your earnings in the week, allowing to compare how you fare throughout the week and between the weeks No bar chart to do any comparison
Ratings 5 Stars 5 Stars
Rider Feedback Able to see riders feedback, whether if it is an issue or compliment No way for riders to leave feedback for drivers to see.
Weekly reports There is a weekly report to see how you fare during the week and allow you to compare between weeks No weekly report
Account Page Help button available to click to submit a query or ticket for someone to get back to you. Will discuss this more in the details in below section. Support button that allows you to write email to them, call them, or go down to their office to seek help.
Blog Page There is no blog page. However weekly incentive is within the earning pages under promotions. It will show you the different incentive at different area There is a blog page to allow you to see what are the incentives during the week. However, the incentive is not indicated in the app.
Apps Function Conclusion Uber has a better app with more function and ability as compared to Grab. It allows comparison of earnings, ratings and there are more functions integrated into the app, providing you more information. Grab Driver app only provide the basic information needed to conduct the activity.

Operating Procedures Comparison

Operating Procedures UBER GRAB
Steps Go online

Accept Jobs

Complete Jobs

Give Ratings

Get earnings

Pay Credit

Go online

Accept Jobs

Complete Jobs

Get Earnings

Credits No need to pay credits to drive. Uber Service Fee will be deducted from your earnings after you drive Need to pay credits in order to drive. Grab Service Fee will be deducted from your credit wallet. Earnings will go to your cash wallet.
Service Fee 10-30%.

10% for UberPool without match,

20% for UberX,

30% for UberPool with successful match

Accepting Jobs A job request will appear showing customers location. A job request will appear showing customers location, destination and trip earnings
See Customer destination Not available until you pick up the customer Get to see customer destination before you accept the job. To be removed in the next update
See Trip Earnings Not available until the end of the journey Get to see the amount before you accept the job
Navigation After you accept the job, you can choose either Uber navigation, Google Map or Waze You got to use Google Map or Waze to navigate. Grab App does not have its own navigation and your position on the Grab Driver App will no longer move till the trip is over.
Tolls Calculated within the fare. Do not need to input any toll fees. You got to remember the toll figure as you pass by the ERP gantry as you will need to input them at the end of the trip
Extra Charges No need for calculation. Will be computed and charged at the end of the trip Waiting for more than 10 mins entitled to $5. Additional stop nearby entitled to $5.
Completing Jobs Swipe to complete the job and give the passenger a rating. You will still require to give a rating even when there are other passengers around in UberPool Tap on the button to process, add in toll and extra charges figure, and end the trip. No need to give rating
On-going Job request You may receive ongoing job request even before the trip ends. The Pros is you can continue to drive and earn. Cons are you may miss the request if you are helping your existing customers with their luggage etc. And the request will just keep on coming in. No ongoing job request. You can only receive your next job when you end your existing job and wished to continue.
Cancellation Cancellation will increase cancellation rate if is done by driver, which will in turn affect eligibility for incentive.

Passenger Cancellation may entitle you $6 of gross earning if it has been more than 5 mins before the cancellation

Cancellation will increase cancellation rate if is done by driver, which will in turn affect eligibility for incentive.

Passenger Cancellation may entitle you $2 of gross earning. However did not receive this $2 from Grab before

Destination Trips Able to set destination trips which allows you to earn money on your way home. However it will not be taken into incentive calculation. No destination trips
Type of customers Locals, Expats, Tourist Mainly Locals
Ratings Expectations My average rating is 4.66 My average rating is 4.91
Operating Procedure Conclusion Uber is still superior in the operating procedure system whereby almost everything is automated and there is no calculation needed from the driver. However, automation comes with error and to fixed these errors will take some time with its support (which will be discussed later)


I prefer the operating procedure for Grab more. Even though it is more troublesome of having to pay the credits in order to drive, inputting the toll amount, etc. However, you get to see the amount of money you will be earning before you drive. So you can only blame yourself cause you chose to take up the job. And from my experience, even though there are good passengers using Uber, I feel there are more friendly passengers using Grab.

Earnings Comparison

Earnings UBER GRAB
Average earning per hour including basic incentive Including Boost Incentive = $20-$25/hour (Gross earning)


Based on my own earnings during peak period in the morning and evening

Including Guaranteed Hour Rate Incentive = $22 – $30/hour (Gross earning)


Based on my own earnings during peak period in the morning and evening

Incentive Cash King: you drive a certain amount of trips during the given time will entitled you with additional cash reward.


Recommended to go for this incentive if you can drive and hit the target.

Drivers Loyalty Rewards: you meet a certain weekly target to obtain additional cash reward.


Requirement less likely for part time drivers to meet.

Referral Incentive Always changing. Look out on their website for updated promotion Always changing. Look out on their website for updated promotion
Earnings Conclusion Driving for Uber seems to earn less as compared to Grab by average earning. However, if you can meet the cash king incentive requirement, your earnings is comparable or slightly more.


Driving for Grab will earn you slightly more per hour. However the Loyalty Rewards is not easy to meet for part time drivers.

Recommendation For Full timers, you may be better off driving a Taxi if you are above 30 years old (Calculation will be done in another post)

However if you wish the flexibility PH claimed to offer, either Grab or Uber also provide sufficient earnings.


For Part timers, drive Grab if you cannot meet the cash king incentives, drive Uber if you can meet the cash king incentive.


For rented car owners from Uber (Lion City Rental) or Grab (Grab Partners), you can only drive for the company you rent from as you are not eligible for incentive driving for other company.


Drivers’ Support Comparison

Drivers’ Support UBER GRAB
Methods Send message in the Uber App to request for fare review.

Visit UberHUB to request assistance

Email grab: the email will take some time to be replied.

Call Grab: Be prepared to wait for some time before your call is answered.

Visit GrabCar office to request assistance


Personal Experience Visiting UberHUB would faced long queue. Not worth the time for a few dollars.


Sending message to ask for assistance. However, I was faced with their standard replies. The personnel replying would try to brush you off by stating that you may not know the calculation well and their calculation is correct.


Only when you calculate out using your actual figure to show them would they admit is their error and will try to resolve it.


However, the payment would take another few weeks to months even though they will claim you will get your repayment within 1-2 weeks.

Calling up Grab will have to wait for approximately 5 minutes or more before someone pick up your call and address to your needs.


There is not much calculation error as there is no calculation for you to see. You will be given a fixed fare before you accept the job. This is the amount you will get when you complete the job.

Drivers’ Support Conclusion Uber rely a lot on automation which may be prone to more errors resulting in more complaints and their employee just try to brush off as many complaints if possible.


Grab on the other hand does not show you their calculation and just show you the amount you are driving for. So there isn’t much to complaint about. And these amount usually tend to be higher than those of Uber.


Passengers Comparison

Passenger UBER GRAB
Tolls Automatically calculated in the fare Not calculated in the fare. It will be added at the end of the trip. Take it into consideration when you request for a ride. Or direct the drivers to take your preferred route to avoid tolls.
Wait time According to the fare stated $5 every 10 minutes
Cancellation $6 charged after you have requested and job accepted for 5 min No Charge
Best Deal UberPool (refer to here for how to save taking uber) GrabHitch (sharing a car from fellow passenger)
Passenger Conclusion Try to compare both apps before requesting for a ride to look for the better deal. Always look out for promotions given by the respective company. Do not try to request on both apps at the same time and then cancel one if both had drivers accepting the job. A little unfair for the drivers.



Both Uber and Grab has its pros and cons for driving. You can use the above comparison as a guide to decide which suits your driving style. However do not expect to earn big money driving either Uber or Grab as you can see the calculation I made previously on the different amount of earnings in my previous posts. This post is to show the reality of driving for a Private Hire App company.

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