How to be a GrabCar driver in Singapore (Part One)

After driving Uber for a few months, I decided to see if the grass is really greener on the  other side. I went to sign up to be a GrabCar driver. So far the experience with GRAB is ok, and I will do a comparison of GRAB with UBER on a later post. This post will just be on registering and driving for GRAB.

For those interested in knowing the requirements, or how much you can earn and the different incentives comparison when you drive for UBER, you can use the links to read on my previous post.

How to be a GrabCar driver in Singapore?

How to be a GrabCar driver? What are the procedures to quicken your registration process? How to Operate the App? What to take note of? This post will share the experience I had when I was doing my registration.

Basic Requirements to be a Grabcar driver in Singapore

The criteria to drive for all Private Hire (PH) companies are similar and they are as follow:

  1. At least 21 years old
  2. Singaporean or Permanent Resident (PR)
  3. Class 3 license with minimum 2 years of driving experience

Decide on driving your own car or renting a car

  1. Renting a car
  2. Driving your own car

Renting a car

If you decided to rent a car to drive for GRAB, there is a list of car renting companies in partnership with GRAB. By renting a car from a GRAB partner, you will be able to have more incentives and benefits. You can find the list of partners here.

Do take note if you were to rent your car from GRAB partner, you would not be able to drive for other PH companies. Even if you are allowed to drive for them, you will not be qualified for any of their incentives. GRAB partner cars drivers will only benefit from incentives when driving for GRAB. So take this into consideration before renting a car.

If you decided not to rent a car from GRAB partners, you can also rent a car from any car rental company that registered their car to show a Z10/Z11 vehicle log.

Driving your own car

If you decided to drive your own car to earn some extra cash from it, there are some extra steps that you need to do. However, driving your own car allows you to have the flexibility to drive for any PH companies.

So what additional steps you need?

  1. Own a 4-door car (able to sit 4 passengers or more)
  2. Register a business/company
    1. Visit
    2. Sign in with your Singpass and password
    3. Create a sole proprietorship or set up a company with the business activity code 49219 (Code for Private Car For Hire with Operator)
      • $15 for the reservation of business name
      • $100 for starting the business
      • $3.30 to purchase your ACRA business profile
    4. Download your ACRA business profile
  3. Purchase a commercial insurance and have the Cover Letter or Certificate of Insurance
  4. Make a company stamp. I made my stamp at A1 Business Pte Ltd and it requires 10 min to make, approximately 4-5hours more before the ink seeps through for the stamp to be used.
  5. Refinance your vehicle if it is not fully paid and still need a loan.
  6. Bring your ACRA business profile , Certificate of Insurance , NRIC and Company Stamp to LTA to convert your vehicle from under your name to your company name. Go to the reception counter, obtain the form “M01” to fill up and get a queue number. You are suppose to transfer from yourself to your company name. Wait for your number to be called. Pay $11 for the conversion. They will provide you with the vehicle log to show it has been converted to Z10/Z11, when everything is successful.

Submission of documents ONLINE

When you are done with obtaining all the required documents, regardless if you are renting a car or using your own car, you are to register online to be a GrabCar Driver. If you don’t do the submission online, and decided to go down to their office to have someone to register you, you will be disappointed. You will still be told to go online and submit all the documents online.

What are the documents you need to submit online?

So what are the documents you need to prepare to take photo and submit online?

  1. NRIC
  2. Driving License – Valid Singapore Class 3/3A license
  3. Bank Information – Name, Branch Code, Account Number
  4. Emergency Contact
  5. ACRA BizFile (with Business Activity Code: 49219 for own car) or Car Rental Agreement (rental car)
  6. Commercial Insurance Certificate
  7. Vehicle Log Car showing Z10/Z11
  8. Model of the car you are driving, photo if available
  9. Taxi Vocational License if available (eligible of getting $50 credit). Private Hire Vocational License will be required from mid 2017 onwards.
  10. Email address (Needs to be a Gmail email address)

If some of the documents is not provided by the rental company, most drivers were told to just take a photo of a blank page and submit.

So what is next after you have submit your application online? You will still need to go down GRAB office to undergo a compulsory lesson and register the handphone you are using.

Going for Training at GrabCar office

You will need to proceed to GrabCar office at 18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-11 Midview City, Singapore 573960 for the lesson. The app training schedule can be found in their website. Their training session timing (Correct as of Nov 16) is as follow:

Monday-Friday: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, & 5pm
Saturday: 12pm
Sunday & PH: Closed

What are the things you need to bring down for this training session?

  1. NRIC
  2. Driving License – Valid Singapore Class 3/3A license
  3. ACRA BizFile (with Business Activity Code: 49219 for own car) or Car Rental Agreement (rental car)
  4. Commercial Insurance Certificate
  5. Vehicle Log Car showing Z10/Z11
  6. Taxi Vocational License if available. Private Hire Vocational License will be required from mid 2017 onwards.
  7. Referral Name and IC

These documents will be photocopied and submitted before activation.

Android Phone or iOS Phone?

Good news to all iOS phone users. Now grab is able to allow you to use your iOS phone. Android Phones were the only phones allowed to use the GrabDriver App previously. Now they have come up with an app for iOS users to download the GrabDriver App too.

For Android phone users, you can download the GrabDriver App at

For iOS phone users, you can download the GrabDriver App at

However, for iOS phone users, the staff would recommend against using iOS phone as it is unstable at the moment and it may affect your ability to accept the job, which would in turn affect your acceptance rate that is crucial in getting your incentives. So you will have to use at your own risk.

You will need to provide your IMEI number and device number for Android Phone users and IMEI number only for iOS phone users. Grab only allows the phone registered to take the jobs.

Getting a Referral Name and IC

Is it important to get a referral when you sign up with Grab? It is not a must to have a referral but it is more beneficial if you have a referral.

When I went down, I did not have any referral as I just wanted to try driving for grab and no one refer me. However, you will get more benefits as compared to signing up alone if you can meet the incentive requirements. Both your referral and yourself will get more incentive in addition to the sign up incentive for new drivers, depending on the promotion they are running. You can go to and look out for the latest referral incentive.

The basic incentive for new driver would be up to $200 credit; (i) $50 Welcome Credit; (ii) $50 Valid TDVL; (iii) $100 ACRA biz owner. With a referral, you can earn additional credits or cash, depending on you rent a car from Grab Partners or using your own car. (Promotion correct as of 5 Nov 16 and subject to changes. )

If you need a referral and need guidance being a GrabCar driver, you can always contact me and I am willing to share with you more tips.

Attending the Training for the App

Currently the training for the app is showing the Android version. However the interface in iPhone looks similar so there shouldn’t be a problem understanding it. The lesson will take around 50-70 minutes. After the lesson, you need to get your application form signed by the trainer and submit your form.

Now you got to wait for 2-3 working days before your you will be in the system and can start driving for GRAB.

What is the difference between GrabTaxi, GrabCar and GrabHitch?


GrabTaxi is for taxi drivers to find more customers. Taxi drivers will register with Grab to be a GrabTaxi driver and accept passenger from the app. Charges will be based on taxi rates of the taxi company you take the ride with. The driver will have to download the GrabDriver App in order to pick up customers using the taxi hailing app.


GrabCar is a Private Hire service with drivers either renting a car or using their own car to provide chauffeuring services with the help of GRAB app. It is similar to taxi, but the difference is that it cannot do street jobs which a taxi can. Drivers require to use the app to get a customer. GRAB will determine the rates charged. There will be a 20% service fee deducted from the fare.The drivers will have to download the GrabDriver App in order to pick up customers


GrabHitch is suppose to be a social vehicle sharing service whereby anyone with a car can provide their service to carpool together up to 2 times a day. Drivers do not have to download the GrabDriver app. Normal Grab passenger app is sufficient. Drivers will just need to provide some basic details and they are able to start driving. They will set their location and will also be able to choose their passenger to share the ride to the destination. Good for those who wish to earn some money to and fro their workplace to cover their fuel cost.

How to use the GrabDriver App?

I will be posting more information for using the iPhone GrabDriver app as I am using an iPhone and there is no tutorial video on the app using iPhone yet.

Menu Page

This is the page where you see your profile and your particulars. You can also access other pages from this menu. They include the home, history, grabpay wallet, blog and support pages. The purpose of the different pages will be explained below.

Home Page

Home page is also the main page you will be in when you first log in. You will see a car (your location) and a map. At the top middle there is an orange “on” button. That button is to click to go online. At the bottom shows your credit balance.

What is credit balance for? Credit is required for you to do jobs. If you have a credit balance of less than $5.00 for grab economy drivers. There will not be any jobs assigned to you. When you complete a job, 20% of the service fee will be deducted from this credit balance. You can transfer cash into credit. However, you are not able to transfer credit back to cash. So consider wisely when you transfer your money into credit.

Tapping on the credit balance tab will display your ratings, acceptance rate and cancellation rate. You will need to meet a certain acceptance rate and low cancelation rate before you are eligible for most incentives.

History Page

History page shows your pass trips. For android users, you will also be able to see your basic fare and your total actual fare. Basic fare is the fare that is according to the rates given without any surge or dynamic pricing. Total actual fare is the fare you actually earn with dynamic pricing in place.

For iPhone users, you are only able to see the trips you have made. There will not be any fares shown due to the latest iOS version is not update. I believe there will be an update in the future and all drivers will be able to see the fares they earn.

GrabPay Wallet

Tapping on the GrabPay Wallet will bring you to another screen with credits and cash balance. These tabs will then lead you to other options.

For Credit tab, there are 3 options. Top-up with account, Top-up with pin, and credit transaction history.

For Cash tab, there are 2 options. Transfer to account and cash transaction history.

Top-up with account

This tab allows you to convert your cash in your GrabPay Wallet into credit so that you can obtain more jobs to earn more money. Remember you need to have credits before you are able to see jobs coming in.

Top-up with pin

This option allows you to top up with a pin code after you have paid for the credits. You can get the credits from atm machines by going to other options and selecting the grabtaxi . Pay to grabtaxi and you can use the pin to redeem your credits

Credit transaction history

This is the page where you see all the transections for your credit. It can be deduction when you complete a job and pay to GRAB the service fee. It can also be addition when you top up your account with credit by the different means discussed above.

Transfer to account

This tab allows you to transfer the money shown as cash in your app to your bank. It is simply to cash out your earnings but the earnings will take approximately a week before reaching your bank account. So do plan ahead early when you need to cash out your money.

Cash transaction history

This page will allow you to see the different earnings credited to your accountT. In other words, it is the earnings page where you see the earnings that is paid by GrabPay. Those trips that are paid in cash would not be shown in this page.


This blog page will inform you of all the promotion that will be going on for the coming week. Usually there will be update on Sunday and Thursday on the different incentives given during the next few weeks.


The support page allows you to get help when you need them. There is a phone number that is working that you can actually call for help or when you got question. I tried calling them, however, it will take quite sometime before the call gets through, approximately 5-10 mins wait. But at least when it gets through, there is someone to answer your queries. Do take note that you are being charged while you are waiting for someone in the right department to pick up as you are placed on hold. So try not to hold too long  if you cant afford it. You can always try the other methods of contacting them and getting your problem solve.

Next option would be to email them at . It will take some time before you get a reply, but you don’t have to wait.

Last option would be to go down to the GrabCar office and seek help.

Start Driving GrabCar to earn some money

With this knowledge, you can start driving to earn some money. However, you got to bear in mind that Grab was previously designed to help taxi get customers before it came up with GrabCar where Private Hire is able to make use of the app. So some of the functions may still be not as updated as other PH apps in the market. Below are some of the issues you need to take note of before driving.

Self input of tolls and other charges

One of the important thing to learn is to input your tolls and additional charges as they are not automatically calculated. This means you have to take note every time you go through the ERP gantry, how much was deducted and you would have to input these value into the app when you end the trip. Another down side is some passengers may start to argue on the amount of tolls to be charged. Luckily till now I have good customers that accept the extra toll charge which reach $9.50 during peak period ($7-CTE, $2.50 CBD). After the input, it would then calculate and show the final amount that you have to collect from your passenger. Remember not to collect the money that is given as a discount to your passenger. Grab will reimburse you the money that was given as discount to the passenger.

You can also put other charges inside when you wait for your customers for more than 10 mins. Every 10 mins entitled you to charged them $5. But really whether to charge them or not is up to individual. For me if the wait is not that long, I will not charge as having a customer is better than not having one. Waiting a few minutes would not lose out much on profit. You can also charge extra $5 charges when extra stop is made close by.

Use of navigation map

Grab does not have any navigation app and it makes use of either google map, waze or apple map. You will be able to see your vehicle move when there is no passenger or jobs. However, when a job comes in, the screen will freeze and you have to switch to the navigation app to navigate to the location. This is a little troublesome for those who don’t really know the road very well and will have to spend extra time trying to figure how to get to your passenger and sending him to his destination.

However, one thing good about using google map and waze is it will inform you of the traffic condition. If there is a bad jam, you can always recommend to your passenger a better alternative and both would benefit from it. They get to their destination quicker, you can start picking up another passenger earlier. I do not recommend apple map as it will not really indicate the delay or traffic conditions.

Ending of each job trip

When you end your job trip and after you place in the toll charges as taught above, you will be asked if you wish to carry on driving or stop driving. There is both pros and cons to this. Pros being you will not be faulted for not picking up the next passenger if you are busy helping the current passenger and new job trip comes in. The downside is also you may end up losing the opportunity of picking up a passenger nearby when you are spending time going back online. Other PH apps has this function of providing you your next customer if you choose to continue driving even before you end your current trip. I will make a comparison of the pros and cons of the diff PH apps in the next post.

Telephone Masking

Do take note there is no telephone masking when you contact the passenger by call or sms. They will be able to see your actual numbers which some may not like due to privacy issue.



If you wish to sign up and drive for GrabCar, it is not a difficult process. However, I would advice you to follow the steps I have told you about to quicken your process instead of just going down to wait and wait and wait. There is also better benefit if you are referred by another driver, instead of signing up alone. Thus if any one who needs a referral you can always look for me by contacting me with the email shown. I am willing to be your referral and provide some rebates if possible. Happy GrabCar.

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