How much can you earn as a UBER Driver in Singapore? (Uber Part Two)

How much does UBER Driver earn in Singapore? This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post on How to be a UBER driver in Singapore and things to know. In that blog, I talked about the requirements and steps of being an UBER driver. I also mention the different aspect of the apps to get yourself started to drive for UBER. This blog will continue to talk about the cost and earnings and how to make driving UBER more enjoyable.

For passengers, you can look at this post to save while riding with UBER.

For those who wish to rent to drive for UBER, check out my latest post on rental comparison.

1 What do you earn Driving for UBER in Singapore?

First question everyone would ask would be how much does a UBER driver earns? Are they earning more than taxi drivers? If not, is it still worth driving? I will share my experience driving with UBER and you can make your own decision.

This post will not include any comparison with other services such as taxi or driving for grab. It will be discussed in a future post.

1A. Salary Calculation

UBER will usually pay their partners (UBER Drivers) in a weekly basis, so you must have enough money to survive for the week before your next paycheque comes in. Every Monday at 4am, UBER will calculate your earnings and send you your statement for the previous week. It can be access under EARNINGS > Pay Statements > Week period.

The earnings will show your Net Earnings (NOT Net Profit) in Green at the top of the page. It is the amount of money that you had earn from UBER. It would be broken down to Fare, Surge, UBER Fee, Toll, Other payments (Promotions) and Total Earnings. I will go into details how to obtain these figures.

Fare and UBER Fee for UBERX

This is the amount of money you should earn based on the rate given by UBER to the passengers. It will consist of:

Basic Fare = $3
Per Kilometre = $0.45
Per Minute = $0.20
UBER Fee = 20%

Complete table on Fares and Fees is shown in the following table (correct as of Sep 16)

So taking the following trip as an example.
Fare example

Fare of Trip duration of 14 min
= 14 x $0.2
= $2.8

Fare of Distance of 3.21km
= 3.21 x $0.45
= $1.44

Base fare = $3
Total Fare = $3 + $2.8 + $1.44
= $7.24

The fare you got from this UBERX trip is $7.24. However, this is before you pay UBER the service fee.

UBER Fee = $1.45 (20% of Total Fare)
Net Earnings = $7.24 – $1.45

$5.79 for a 14 min drives, which means approximately $22 of net earning per hour. It doesn’t seem that bad but we have yet to calculate the operating cost and other factors, which would be discussed later.


This will indicate the amount of ERP charges you have made and it will be reimbursed back to you. It only includes those charges when you have a passenger onboard. If you were assigned to pick up a passenger after an ERP gantry, you had to pay for the ERP charges before you picked up your passenger. It will be included in the total earnings which I feel shouldn’t be the case as this amount is paid by us in the first place.

Other Payments – Promotions

Incentives for the week earn will be included in this section. It will include the dates for the incentive and the earning for each incentive that is eligible. Different week has different incentive, so you have to check on every Sunday afternoon for the updated incentive for the upcoming week on their website. I feel that if you were to drive for UBER, you need to try benefit from the incentive promotions as much as possible. I will discuss the reason later when I do a week earnings example.

1B. Surge pricing calculation.

What is surge pricing? It is a fare multiplier to encourage drivers to go online. This happen when the demand (passengers) is higher than the supply (drivers).

Surge = 1.2X
Total fare of $10 = $12
UBER Fee = 20% x $12 = $2.4
Total Earnings = $9.60

Surge allows drivers to earn more due to the lack of supply, but that means UBER will also deduct more from you. The UBER fee is calculated after the surge pricing, instead of on the base fare. So with a surge rate of 1.2X, it does not equate to you earning the full actual fare. It is after deduction of UBER Fee as shown in the example.

Observing the Surge Pattern

So does being online during peak period in the morning and evening equate to higher surge rates? The answer is Yes and No. No, during peak period without promotions from UBER to the passengers. Yes, when UBER had promotion.

During the period where UBER promise a minimum hourly rate of $30+ from 7am to 10am, you can see there is no surge at all. The reason is because every driver is online during this period to take advantage of the guaranteed hourly earnings promotion. So there is no issue with supply.

But before 7am in the morning during weekdays, you can see surge rates throughout the island as passengers who need to go to work early were not able to find a car. So if you wish to earn more, you can aim to get up earlier to drive passengers around before the peak period to earn more income. One advice is to make sure you can end your trip before or near 7am so that you can pick up your next passenger right after 7am to be calculated for the Trips Per Hour criteria.

A low value surge will appear again at around 7.30am when there were still passengers wanting to get to work. It usually happens in the housing area around the island.

Is Surge worth chasing?

So is it worth chasing the surge, as in to go offline and drive to a surge area before going online again? I would also advice against it. Why?

The surge happening throughout the day is usually below 1.5 times. So that means you will not benefit from the surge much. Even when you are in the surge area, there are not many passengers willing to pay high surge rates. Most of them would switch to other operator such as Grab and taxi, unless it is a public transport breakdown scenario. You can see the picture below that I am in a high surge zone, but I am without passenger till the surge value reduce.

Surge 0852 surge 1900

So my advice is to just remain online to fetch whomever passenger that is assigned to you wherever you are. You can drive towards surge areas while remaining online. Having a customer onboard means you are earning money.

If you go offline and try to get higher surge rates with an empty vehicle and only to find out the surge is gone when you reach there, or there are no customers willing to pay the surge rate, would be a waste of time and petrol.

1C. Cost and Spending

Using your own car

So what were my costs of driving UBER? I will indicate the cost below and convert them to per day basis, for easy reference. This was based on me owning my own car to drive for UBER.

Car Model: Mazda 3 (2007)
Fuel Efficiency: 10km/l
Car fully paid.

½ Yearly/Monthly Expenses (Cost of Owning the car)

Commercial Insurance: $720 for 6 months = $120/month = $4/day
Servicing cost: $240 for 6 months = $40/month = $1.30/day
Parking (HDB): $90/month = $3/day

Daily Expenses (Cost of operating the car)

Fuel: $250 for 6 days, approximately 6h of driving each day = $42/day = $7/hour

Other Miscellaneous cost

Monthly HP bill: $60 = $2/day
Car Wash: $20 per week (2 times per week.) = $3/day

To sum up my daily expenses

For car owners like me, the cost of owning a car and operating a UBER Partner business would be $13.30/day, excluding the operation cost of driving the car. That means I am wasting this amount by not using the car everyday. These figures did not include the wear and tear of wheels/ brake pads or wipers and also the depreciation of the car etc.

So if I continue to work for 6 hours a day (during peak period), I will need to earn $55.30/day to break even. And that is $9.20/hour. Not so bad actually. Longer working hours would reduce the cost a little but not that significant. But if you still have a loan to service, you have to add in the loan cost into the calculation.

Using a rental car

For those renting a car, a similar calculation for you to calculate your cost of operating the business. You may want to rent a more fuel-efficient car to cover the fuel cost. But we will use the same car for a rough calculation.

Car Model: Mazda 3 (2007)
Fuel Efficiency: 10km/l

½ Yearly/Monthly Expenses (Cost of renting the car)

Car rental: $60/day
Parking (HDB): $90/month = $3/day

Daily Expenses (Cost of operating the car)

Fuel: $250 for 6 days, approximately 6h of driving each day = $42/day = $7/hour

Other Miscellaneous cost

Monthly HP bill: $60 = $2/day
Car Wash: $20 per week (2 times per week.) = $3/day

To sum up daily expenses for car rental

For those who wished to rent a car, the cost of rent a car and operating a UBER Partner business would be $68.00/day, excluding the operation cost of driving the car. That means you will be wasting this amount by not using the car everyday. You do not need to bother about the wear and tear of the different parts of the vehicle.

If you wish to have a working hours like me, driving for UBER for only 6 hours a day, your daily cost will be $11.30 + $7.00(fuel cost). Which is $18.30/hr just to break even. However, if you rent a car to drive 10 hours a day, you will need to earn $6.80 + $7(fuel cost) per hour to break even. That is $13.80/hr. The more you drive, the lesser the cost per hour.

You can also find a relief driver to split the rental cost into half each. This would reduce your operation cost greatly.

Cost Summary

The cost of operating a car for transportation service would be as follow.
Car Owners = approximately $9.20/hour (6hr work day)
Rental Car = approximately $18.30/hour (6hr work day)
= approximately $13.80/hour (10hr work day)

1D. My one-week’s part time earning

Ok so you know how to calculate your earnings. Know how does surge work. But any still do not know if you should be a UBER driver or not. I will share with you my one week earning working as a part-time UBER driver and you can decide for yourself.

So what is my working condition?

Monday to Friday – 7AM to 10AM, 5PM to 8PM (6 hours each day)
Saturday – 10AM to 12PM, 2PM to 6PM (6 hours)
Sunday – Off

What is my hourly profit?

So why did I drive only at these timings. If you have already observed, they are the peak period. So how did I fare?



I am earning an average of $23.44/hour after UBER deduct its service fee. However this is not the profit. If we take the cost of operating the business into this figure, lets see how if fares.


So for me, I earned $14.24/hr from the normal rates, without any incentives. This is still ok for most people, but because other cost such as replacement of brakes, wheels, wipers etc were not taken into account in the cost.

For those drivers doing car rental, their profit is significantly lower.

What is my hourly profit, including the incentives?


Every week UBER will have different incentives promotion for the drivers. Their updated promotions can be found here. So with last week promotion, I managed to increase my average hourly earnings from $23.44 to $33.60. That was about $10 more in earnings/profit per hour.


So back to the question if it is worth driving for UBER. Some drivers in forum were complaining about the low pay UBER was paying. Some drivers still support UBER and continue to drive for them.

So my own opinion is if you just drive based on based rate, it is not really profitable. However, if you make use of the incentives given every week, the profit might still be good. But all these are relative to each individual as $24 per hour may still be low to some, while sufficient for others.

1E. Other CASH Incentives and Promotion.

Apart from the weekly incentives, there were also some other promotions that is given by UBER. There are the Guaranteed earnings of $6000/month for the first 3 months and also referrals incentives.

Is it really $6000 a month?
Most people will think that is not a bad value to earn every month driving UBER. But is it really the case?

As stated in the main webpage, “Over each of your first 3 months with Uber, you’re guaranteed to earn at least $6000/month in fares!”

Conditions – You will need to be online for at least 240hr in the month and have an 80% acceptance rate with 1.25 trips per hour.

So the KEY word is FARES. That means the gross income you earn even before UBER deducts the UBER Fees. So taking the example of my earning last week. My gross earning is $1111.85 for 37.75hr of work. That is around $29.45/hr gross earnings.

Gross Earning = $29.45/hr
Minimum hour = 240 hr
Total Gross Earning = $7068

You would have earned that amount of money if you constantly drive and fetch customers around. You do not even need the promotion.

But lets say you can’t hit that figure and you get $6000/month in gross salary. How much does it really equates to.

If all the rides is UberX, UBER will deduct 20%. That would mean $4800 in maximum net earnings. Why do I say maximum? Because UBER deducts differently for UBERPool Services. If all your rides is UBERPool and is well match for every trip, having $6000/month in gross salary will deduct 30%. That would be $4200 in net earning.

So lets assume we get $4800 net earnings from this promotion. We take net spending of 13.80/hr based on the calculation earlier. If a person work 240 hrs a month with a rented vehicle, the operation cost would be $3312. That will only leave him with $1488. That is around $6.20 per hour of profit. Maybe it is better to work elsewhere if you are going to rely on this incentive.

So my point is if you wish to drive UBER as a full time driver, you would have met this earning and you do not really need to rely on this promotion. It is just a marketing strategy to entice people to join.

Cash Rewards

UBER also had cash rewards incentives for new drivers who sign up with UBER with their own car. And this amount can go up to $2000 (correct as of Sep 16). This amount can help to pay for setting up of a personal business fee, commercial insurance and refinancing etc.

The criteria set is not difficult to fulfil if u just drive for uber for a few hours a day. A rough guide would be having 5 trips for every 3 hours. So you can estimate the amount of time you required.

Note that this incentive does not go with referral incentives.

Referral Rewards

This is another way of earning some cash. It is to refer either a rider or a driver to UBER.

Rider referral rewards

When you refer a friend to be a new rider, both of you will benefit. The new sign-up pax will get a $10 credit for his first trip. The credit is for one time use, so if he doesn’t use the whole $10 credit, it can’t be used again. Likewise, if his trip cost more than $10, he would have to pay the difference. So what would you get? You will get a $5 reward for every person u refer to Sign Up with UBER and ride on UBER.

Driver referral rewards

When you refer someone to be a driver, the new driver can earn either $50 – $500 cash reward, depending on whether he is using his own vehicle, renting a vehicle from Lion City Rental or rented from another car company.

Those who wish rent a vehicle for driving UBER, it would be much more beneficial if you rent directly from Lion City Rentals as you will get higher cash rewards if you are driving for UBER only. Since the incentive may be updated with better deals, it is better to see the exact earnings and condition from their website here.

You do not get any cash incentive if you just go down to sign up as a driver. So it is better to get a referral code so that you can earn the extra cash.
For those who had read my blog and find it useful, you can always help me by signing up with my referral code 8hxsv. I will earn the referral rewards too when my code is being use either for new driver or rider.

If you had used my code, 8hxsv to sign up as a driver, please drop me a message to inform me. I can meet up with you to help you with the registration and provide you with more tips to make sure you can have a good start. I learnt it the hard way by trial and error. But you don’t have to do that if you allow me to be your referral.

2. Additional Tips to make driving for UBER more enjoyable

Here are some tips to make your UBER experience more enjoyable.

1. Greeting your passenger with a smile every time they board your car. And also wish them a good day, safe journey or any other well wishes when they leave. It then to give them a good impression of you and you will have better ratings. It will feel good when you received a message from UBER telling you that you are among the top 5% of drivers. But do not ask your passenger to give you 5 Stars. If you are sincere, your passengers can feel it and you will get your 5 Stars without asking.

2. Providing a little EXTRA services. These may include having water and power cable to be use for recharging their hand phone. These are not compulsory, but good to have to make your rider’s trip more pleasant. EXTRA services also includes opening the boot for them, help them place their items or luggage inside. No one knows how to operate your car better than you. So by helping your passenger, you are also saving your car from unnecessary stress like slamming of car boot etc.

3. Check your toll charges when you are able to. This is to ensure that the toll is rightfully refunded to you and not for you to absorb the cost. Also before entering SENTOSA, please ask the passenger if they do have any SENTOSA pass that entitles them free entry into the island. If they do have, then please proceed to lane 1-3 for a manual entrance into SENTOSA.

4. Is long trips or short trips better? Actually you wont know what you getting until you have gotten the job and the passenger is already in your car. Both type of trips has its good and bad. For long trips, the good thing is it will earn more money per trip. Bad is you will have harder time to meet your Trips Per Hour requirement for incentives. For short trips, you will not earn much per trip, but you will most likely qualify for the hourly guaranteed incentive. Update : Short trips also will allow you to meet Cash King incentive quickly.

5. Use of UBER (Passenger) and UBER Partner app to find your customers. In UBER app, you can see the other UBER drivers’ cars on the map. Don’t try to compete with the other drivers. Just go to a place with little or no vehicles and wait for job assignment. It will give you more business as compared to waiting beside one another. When you are in your new location, you can start to go online and wait for business. This method is best used with 2 mobile phones.

3. Conclusion

Hopefully this blog post and previous post on how to be a UBER driver help those that wished to enter this job a clearer idea. Do sign up with my promo code, 8hxsv for both drivers and passengers. Drop me a message and I will provide you with more tips you need to know. You will get some credit (for passengers) and cash (for drivers) and I will get some benefits too. Those driver using my code, send a message and I will provide some rebates for the referral.

Next blog will be on tips for passengers to save money when taking UBER and how to be a 5 star passenger

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    No CPF, No Leave, No Medical Benefit, No sick leave, No AWS, No Annual Bonus and No pay rise.
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    If you work for a company, you work 365 days – 104 days (sat and sun) – 10 days public holiday – 14 days annual leave = 237 day per year (8 hours a day)
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