Our Aim

IBlogToShare aims to share the different experience that we had gone through.


In our lives, we have many different events, milestones, important dates that we will go through. We would usually spend lots of effort researching on these events such as wedding planning, buying a new house, raising a child etc. However, all these late night, blood and sweat planning would be over right after the event and unlikely to be used in future.


Everyone has their ups and downs. Many had to learn a lesson the hard way, through many failures, before succeeding. Some, had not even manage to succeed yet. Some, either through pure luck or conscious effort, manage to succeed on the first try.


What if all these planning were shared? We could save time through other people’s effort, and in return we could share our planning with others. What if all the experience we gain, be it good or bad, were shared? We could learn from the mistake made by others. We can also learn what was the core ingredient that contributed to their success.


IBlogToShare aims to share all these experience to allow others to learn from our previous efforts and experience, so we can care for one another, for sharing is caring.